Phantaslube conducts OTR truck testing and shows 21.5% improvement in fuel economy on first interstate leg

Mar 15, 2016

Phantaslube LLC is happy to report results from recent road testing of its patented Phantaslube® molecular nanopolishing additive technology.  The road testing is being conducted with a New Jersey OTR trucking company (with several thousand trucks operating nationwide) utilizing a Freightliner FLD semi with loaded trailer and onboard GPS-based real-time fuel consumption monitoring.

The Freightliner FLD model used had a 6 cylinder C12 turbocharged Caterpillar® diesel engine with nearly 1 Million accumulated odometer miles at time of testing.

The test truck departed Northern New Jersey for Miami, Florida (its first interstate evaluation leg) on Friday of last week.  Before departing, the engine received a treatment of 1 gallon of Phantaslube® added to its motor oil.  The oil was not drained or changed for the test.  Upon arrival in Miami, the computer showed an astounding 21.5% increase in fuel economy.

Phantaslube® works by synthesizing graphene inside an engine as it operates, and then spherical nanopolishing particles from the heat of friction events as they happen in the engine.  The resulting nanoscopic polishing balls (coated in graphene oxide) then polish the uneven metal imperfections ("asperities") on the surfaces of the engine internals to atomic-level perfection (single-digit nanometer roughness averages).  With atomically-perfect friction surfaces on the engine parts, huge increases in power, torque and fuel economy are realized, along with drastic reductions in harmful emissions.

Graphene, the wonder material that was the subject of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics, is at the heart of the Phantaslube® nanopolishing technology.

Additional unrelated testing involving Single Row Deep Groove ball bearings was recently completed by a Brazilian race team.  The rear axle bearings tested were run in a lab to the point of destruction.  The untreated bearings were destroyed, while bearings treated with Phantaslube® mixed into the grease continued to operate as new.

The New Jersey-based Freightliner FLD test truck will continue to be monitored for additional increases in fuel economy over time as it completes additional interstate evaluation legs.  It is important to note that the Phantasmene nanopolishing balls, already synthesized in the engine, will continue to remove asperities and improve surface roughness over time as the test truck operates in the future.  These rigid nanopolishing spheres exhibit superparamagnetism (magnetic properties) and remain stuck to the surface of metal permanently, preventing future metal-to-metal contact.

Phantaslube® molecular nanopolishing technology is suitable for any engine, turbine, gear or bearing system.  It is non-toxic and compatible with all base lubricants and current additive packages.

For more information, please call Phantaslube LLC at 1 (954) 315-4650.

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    • Patrickpoory
  • Incredible results if I hadn’t experienced over 10% improvement on my first tank of gas after one treatment in my Acura NSX. This product will revolutionize lube technology. In my 34-year career with Exxon International, I never saw anything even close, and one of my assignments was International Lubricants and Specialties Manager.

    • W. David McCoy