Phantaslube Annouces Brazilian Distribution Through QuantiQ

JUN 9, 2016

Phantaslube LLC, maker of Phantaslube® patented molecular nanopolishing lubricant additive, is happy to announce that it has arranged for Brazilian distribution through South America's premier chemical and petroleum products distributor quantiQ SA.

For more information about delivery of Phantaslube® within the Federal Territory, please contact Phantaslube do Brasil at +55 (24) 2248 7309, or quantiQ at +55 (11) 2195 9000 (

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  • I’m a phantaslube user in Shenzhen, China. 2017/10 orders a jar of phantaslube from your company. We use, feeling phantaslube must be in high temperature and high pressure conditions, in order to generate wear-resistant layer, please give reply. Thank you

    • Mr. Liu