Phantaslube® Patented In-Situ Nanopolishing (ISN) Lubrication Technology


Phantaslube® is a patented ONE TIME USE (non-toxic) revolutionary molecular nanopolishing additive for any sealed mechanical gear system, engine, turbine or bearing.  It's highly advanced technology makes all current lubricant additive packages obsolete.  Yes, even though Phantaslube® is permanent - motor oil isn't - you still have to change your oil when it gets dirty.

Phantaslube® works by forming the 21st Century wonder material Graphene (in situ) on the surface of the metal parts and then patented spherical nanopolishing particles from the heat generated by friction in your engine or transmission.  Once formed, these “Phantasmene” nanopolishing balls cut through the rough surface imperfections on the metal parts and polish them to atomic-level perfection (Ra = <4 nm, RMS = <5 nm, recorded 99% elimination of asperities), trapping metal wear particles in the center of each new nano-sized sphere they create.

The formed Phantasmene spheres then remain permanently stuck to the surfaces of the parts, preventing future metal-to-metal contact.  These nano-ball bearings are made of the hardest substance known to mankind (Graphene Oxide) and are harder than diamond.

Phantaslube® technology is a revolution in lubrication that PERMANENTLY REMOVES the source of all friction in engines – the asperities on the surfaces of machined metal parts.  As asperities are removed from the surface of the metal parts, huge increases in fuel economy and power/torque are realized, along with drastic reductions (>90% max.) in harmful carbon emissions and increased reliability and longevity of equipment.  With atomic-level perfection of engine parts, no harmful excessive hots spots are created, meaning engines stay perfectly clean (without engine sludge) for hundreds of thousands of miles!  This engine and oil pan below had 220,000 miles on it when we inspected them . . .

Recent real-world testing of class A (OTR) semi trucks showed a 21.5% gain in fuel economy.  This testing was done over 1,200 miles and through 8 U.S. states.

Other motor oil's EP/AW additives that attempt to coat surfaces will never work.  To eliminate friction, you must eliminate its source; harmful asperities on the surfaces of metal parts. The only lubricant technology in the world that can do this is Phantaslube®.

Phantaslube® is fully compatible with all lubricants and current additives and its use will not void any manufacturer warranty.

The revolution in lubrication has begun, and its name is Phantaslube®.


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